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Where others provide deserts, we offer you oases

To further explain what we mean by that: with oases we do not mean tax haven - we take our job very seriously. But beside the ABC of tax- and business-consulting, we offer you D to Z as well.

You will regularly receive our online client-letter* with the newest updates on tax law and important hints and suggestions. We are looking forward to any of your questions and responses. That’s why we do not only see ourselves as a knowledge-based service provider, but also as your “friend and assistant”.

You will find a lot of useful documents in our Download-center, which shall make the tax-work a lot easier for you and us. You will find Excel-documents* with useful calculation-sheets wich you can complete by yourself, Word-documents*, which you can use as templates as well as numerous PDF’s* containing very important information. All of it can be downloaded for free. – one of our exclusive offers for you.

Under Links you will find further information that will be of interest to many entrepreneurs or private persons.

* Available only in German